Cory Rylan

My name is . Google Developer Expert and Senior Front End Developer for Vintage Software. Angular Boot Camp instructor.
I specialize in creating fast progressive web applications.

May 18, 2018

Creating a Dynamic Checkbox List in Angular

Learn how to create a dynamic checkbox list with validation using the Angular Reactive Forms API.

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Apr 23, 2018

Introduction to Angular Router Animations

Learn how to apply a simple fade animation to an Angular route.

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Mar 26, 2018

Progressive Web Apps with Angular at the Angular Lunch meetup

Angular Lunch Meetup, learn how to build PWAs with Angular.

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Mar 26, 2018

Beginner Reactive Programming with RxJS and Angular at the NgHouston meetup

NgHouston Meetup, a beginner intro to RxJS and Angular.

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Feb 10, 2018

Subscribing to Multiple Observables in Angular Components

Learn several ways to subscribe to multiple Observables in Angular Components.

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Jan 28, 2018

Using Angular Forms with Async Data

Learn how to set an Angular form with async data and best UX patterns

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Jan 12, 2018

Keeping your Angular CLI project up to date

Learn why keeping your Angular CLI project on the latest version can save time and improve performance.

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Dec 30, 2017

2017 Review

A look back at 2017 and my goals for 2018 for Software Development.

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Dec 23, 2017

Angular Progress Component with SVG

Learn how to build a progress component with Angular and SVG.

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Nov 5, 2017

Angular SEO with schema and JSON-LD

Learn how to use JSON-LD schema in Angular to provide rich data to users and better SEO results.

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Oct 29, 2017

Using Stencil Web Components in Angular and the Angular CLI

Learn how to publish a Stencil Web Component and use in an Angular CLI app.

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Sep 5, 2017

Create your first Web Component with Stencil JS

Create reusable UI components that will work in any JavaScript Framework.

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Aug 30, 2017

Angular Design Patterns: Feature Services

Simplify features and create more testable components with Feature Services.

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Jul 23, 2017

Angular Tips: Dynamic Module Imports with the Angular CLI

Learn to use the new JavaScript Dynamic Module syntax to lazy load code

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Jul 13, 2017

Angular Design Patterns: Feature and Presentation Components

Learn to create highly decoupled and reusable components

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Jul 7, 2017

Angular Tips: Template Binding with Static Types

Learn tips to make templates more aware of our data types and reduce errors.

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Jun 22, 2017

Angular Component Inheritance and Template Swapping

Learn how to use Angular Component Inheritance to create components with multiple template options.

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Jun 11, 2017

Creating a Custom Debounce Click Directive in Angular

Learn how to create a custom Angular directive to debounce click events.

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May 21, 2017

Angular Accessibility Tips and Tricks

Learn how to create accessible Angular applications

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Apr 30, 2017

Custom Preloading and Lazy Loading Strategies with Angular

Learn how to set up custom preloading and lazy loading strategies in Angular

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Mar 27, 2017

Enforcing Code Coverage in Angular CLI Projects

Learn how to set up minimum code coverage rules in an Angular CLI project.

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Mar 1, 2017

Analyzing bundle size with the Angular CLI and Webpack

Learn how to use special Webpack tools to analyze our Angular project bundles and dependencies.

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Feb 23, 2017

Angular Async Data Binding with ngIf and ngElse

Learn how to use the ngIf and ngElse statement to bind async data and Observables to our Angular templates easily.

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Jan 31, 2017

Introduction to E2E Testing with the Angular CLI and Protractor

Learn how to write an end to end tests or also known as integration tests with the Angular CLI and Protractor

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Jan 6, 2017

Listening to Angular Key Events with Host Listeners

Learn how to listen to keyboard events with Angular and the Host Listener API.

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Dec 28, 2016

Angular Debugging Tips and Tricks

Learn helpful tips and tricks to debug Angular apps.

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Nov 20, 2016

Fast Offline Angular Apps with Service Workers

Learn how to build an offline Angular app with service workers & sw-precache.

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Nov 15, 2016

Angular Multiple HTTP Requests with RxJS

Learn how to handle multiple http requests with the Angular Http service and RxJS mergeMap.

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Nov 3, 2016

Angular Local Development Setup

A quick overview of my local development setup when building Angular applications

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Oct 19, 2016

Angular Custom Form Controls with Reactive Forms and NgModel

Learn how to build your own Angular custom form input with reactive forms and ngModel.

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Sep 22, 2016

Adding the Internationalization Polyfill to a Angular CLI Project

Learn how to add Intl support to your Angular applications

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Sep 19, 2016

Build a Angular modal dialog with Angular Animate

Learn how to build your own Angular modal dialog with Angular Animate

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Aug 19, 2016

Angular Upgrade Strategies with Proxies

A overview of how to upgrade a large scale web application to Angular with server side proxies.

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Aug 15, 2016

Introduction to the Angular CLI

A video talk covering the Angular CLI and how to get started building Angular apps quickly.

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Jul 31, 2016

Deploy Angular CLI Apps to Firebase

Learn how to create an Angular app using the Angular CLI then deploy to a production environment with Firebase.

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Jun 9, 2016

Fast and Secure Blogs with Firebase

Learn how to create your own fast and secure blog using the static site generator Jekyll and Firebase.

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May 24, 2016

Angular CLI - Adding Third Party Libraries

Learn how to add third party libraries to your Angular application using the Angular CLI.

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May 2, 2016

Simple Offline Page with Service Workers

Learn how to add a simple offline reading view to your website using Service Workers.

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Apr 29, 2016

Converting Angular 1 Services to the latest Angular Services

Learn how to convert Angular 1 service factories the most common Angular 1 service pattern to Angular 2.x and later services.

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Apr 6, 2016

Comparing Angular 1 Components to the latest Angular Components

A comparison of Angular 1 components to Angular 2+ components and migration strategies.

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Apr 2, 2016

Introduction to Angular Routing

Learn how to manage large Angular applications and navigation with the new component router using features such as child routing and route parameters.

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Mar 21, 2016

Angular Development with Visual Studio and Windows

A top down intro to developing Angular applications with Visual Studio and Windows. This will cover from downloading Visual Studio to installing NodeJS for JavaScript tooling support.

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Mar 5, 2016

CSS Encapsulation with Angular Components

A intro on how to better encapsulate your CSS in Angular components. Also learn the different encapsulation techniques and CSS best practices.

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Feb 23, 2016

Introduction to RxJS Observables and Angular

A intro to RxJS Observables along with how they integrate in the latest Angular

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Feb 21, 2016

Better UX CSS Hover Navigation

Improve CSS hover based navigations with CSS transforms and Pseudo-elements

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Feb 10, 2016

Introduction to Angular ngClass and ngStyle

Learn how to dynamically control CSS and CSS classes and in Angular

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Feb 2, 2016

ES2015 Class in AngularJS Controllers and Services

Learn how to use ES2015 Classes in you Angular 1.x Controllers and Services.

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Jan 21, 2016

Introduction to Angular Pipes

Learn Angular pipes and how to create your own custom pipe.

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Jan 11, 2016

Creating an Angular Directive

Learn about the new Directive API and build a text snippet directive.

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Dec 30, 2015

Angular Form Builder and Validation Management

Learn about the new FormBuilder and create a custom component to manage form validation in Angular.

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Dec 28, 2015

2015 Year Review of Cory Rylan

A review of my blog for 2015 and how things are looking for the future.

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Dec 11, 2015

Multiple Sources in GulpJS

How to build a GulpJS setup for large scale projects with multiple source support.

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Nov 17, 2015

Angular Observable Data Services

A look into Observables and how they can improve your Angular data services.

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Nov 9, 2015

Improve Your Technical Reading Skills

Some of my personal tips on how to improve your technical reading skills as a Software Engineer

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Aug 30, 2015

Why Enforcing Code Style is Important

Why code automated code style checks are important and how to handle introducing them.

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Jun 22, 2015

Angular ngFor syntax

A quick look into the new Angular ngFor syntax.

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Jun 3, 2015

JavaScript ES6 Template Strings

A look into the new ES2015/ES6 JavaScript template string syntax.

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May 26, 2015

Introduction To Web Components

A intro to the new web component spec by building a simple tab component.

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Apr 16, 2015

Introduction to the Fetch API

A intro to the Fetch API with some simple use cases.

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Apr 2, 2015

The Technical Treadmill of Software Development

Tips to keep your skills up to date in software and web development while keeping your sanity.

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Mar 16, 2015

CSS BEM Syntax Basics

A beginner overview on the CSS BEM naming syntax.

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Mar 10, 2015

JavaScript Module Pattern Basics

A overview on the JavaScript Module Design Pattern.

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Feb 15, 2015

JavaScript ES6 Class Syntax

A beginner overview on the new ES6 ES2015 JavaScript Class syntax.

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Feb 4, 2015

JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance

A beginner overview on JavaScript prototypal inheritance.

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Jan 5, 2015

2015 Blog Update

2014 Blog Update, Cory Rylan

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Jan 2, 2015

Web Font Performance A Case Study

Web font performance a case study on EstateSales.NET

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Dec 9, 2014

Why I Have Side Projects

Why I have side projects/code, benefits and experiences.

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Oct 30, 2014

JavaScript ES6 let

Details on the new ES6 let statement coming to JavaScript

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Oct 6, 2014

AngularJS Application Organization

A overview on how to organize your AngularJS applications.

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Sep 12, 2014

AngularJS Controller As Syntax

A brief overview on the benefits of the Controller As Syntax in AngularJS

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Aug 11, 2014

Site Performance Review 8/2014 Part Two

Part two of my site performance review

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Aug 6, 2014

ASP MVC Critical CSS Performance

ASP MVC Critical CSS Performance, how to improve CSS and HTML render time in the browser.

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Aug 4, 2014

SVG gzip in Windows Azure

SVG gzip in Windows Azure

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Aug 1, 2014

Site Performance Review 8/2014

Site Performance Review 08/2014, covering web performance issues with my own site.

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May 1, 2014

Web Con Notes Part 2

Notes on Web Con 2014 Programming Languages

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May 1, 2014

Web Con Notes Part 1

Notes on Web Con 2014 CSS Frameworks

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Jan 5, 2014

2014 Blog Update

2014 Blog Update, Cory Rylan

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Nov 11, 2013

Thoughts On Large Mobile First Responsive Project

My thoughts on a large mobile first responsive design project

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Mar 19, 2013

The Performance Advocate

The Performance Advocate, web performance

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Mar 19, 2013

Emotional Interfaces

My thoughts about Agile Development

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Mar 19, 2013

Agile Development Is Not Bad

My thoughts about Agile Development

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Aug 29, 2012

Javascript JQuery Ajax

A short code example of a Javascript Ajax call.

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Aug 23, 2012

IOS Character Counter

A short code example of a character counter for IOS and Objective C

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Aug 20, 2012

IOS Journey the Observer

A short code example of observer object for IOS and Objective C

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Aug 20, 2012

IOS Journey Load Multi-Threading

A short code example of multi-threading for IOS and Objective C

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Aug 20, 2012

IOS Journey Load Animation

A short code example of a load animation for IOS and Objective C

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Aug 8, 2012

IOS Web Service

A short code example of a web service for IOS and Objective C

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