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Web Con, University of Illinois Conference Notes Part 1.

Cory Rylan

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Here are my notes from University of Illinois Web Con 2014. These are from the talk
"Life without a BS Foundation"
by Kianosh Pourian.

"Build a framework around your design not design around your framework."

Cons for using front end frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation:

  • Not semantic
  • Naming conventions not established/documented poorly
  • Performance issues (bloat)
  • Little to no file structure especially Sass project for Bootstrap
  • Difficult to update
  • Design implementation frameworks fall short
  • Does not follow the DRY principals
  • Overriding is very difficult and tons of extra code and uses little of the framework
  • Editing the framework breaks any update
  • Impossible to create a framework for everyone
  • CSS is old and part of the issue
  • Spend a lot of time learning someone else's code
  • Not ideal for enterprise or large applicaions
"When building a site or web application, one must build it for success. Success means that small projects will evolve into large projects.

What to do:

  • "Do the sh*t yourself"
  • Write your own CSS
  • Create Style Guides
  • Use Sass or a preprocessor
  • Follow OOCSS Principals
  • Atomic Design
  • Organize your code in modules in folders (each folder is a atom or module)
  • The global import file should have comment of what the modules are being imported for
  • Have a unified naming convention
  • Folders helps packages modules for individual consumption
  • Learn from frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation

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