2019 has been a year full of learning for me. I completed my first full year on the Clarity Design team at VMware. I’m very excited about all the new things we are working on. This past year I was able to hit most of my goals for 2019.

This year has been the biggest year for my blog, an average growth of 30% this year! Here are a few stats:

Articles Written in 2019: 29
Sessions: 1,494,658
Users: 952,294
Page Views: 1,688,584

2020 Goals

This year I plan on slowing down a bit on travel and conference speaking and focus on more online learning resources as well as contributing to more open-source projects.

  • Ship the first major release of Clarity Core
  • Write on average three blog posts a month
  • Write at least one new EBook
  • Create a new video course
  • Speak at one conference
  • Speak at one meetup

My goal of writing at least one blog post a week still eludes me but going to try again in 2020. Thank you for everyone who has continued to read and support this blog!