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2018 Review

Cory Rylan

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2018 has by far been the most eventful year for me in my career and family. This past year was the first full year with my daughter, and it has been a crazy wonderful ride. This past year I became a Google Developer Expert for Web and Angular technologies. I also recently just started a new position at VMware working on the Clarity Design team helping to build Open Source Angular components.

This year I also launched my first ebook Web Component Essentials! Writing a book was a great learning experience, and I plan on writing more in the future.

I taught 9 Angular Bootcamp three-day workshops all over the country this past year. I also spoke at the University of Illinois Web Con and am already scheduled to speak there again in 2019. I also got the great opportunity to talk at DevUp STL.

This year has been the biggest year for my blog! Here are a few stats:

Articles Written in 2018: 24
Sessions: 1,109,485
Users: 715,079
Page Views: 1,243,909

2019 Goals

  • Ramp up and get up to speed on Clarity
  • Write on average three blog posts a month
  • Write at least one new EBook
  • Create a video course
  • Speak at three conferences
  • Speak at two meetups

I'm excited for what 2019 holds and thank you for everyone who has helped and supported me with every I do!

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